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Barbeque Artist

Someone on my favorite chat room posted this YouTube video tonight:

I just had to give the following reply:


What I can tell you about the artist after one viewing (and my extensive knowledge of barbeque).

HE IS NOT FROM NORTH CAROLINA: There is no coleslaw on top of the barbeque sauce.

HE IS NOT FROM VIRGINIA: Notice he is using his hands? How provincial!

HE IS NOT FROM SOUTH CAROLINA OR GEORGIA: He is using tomato-based sauce, which is anathema, blasphemy, and heresy in those two states, as well as N. Carolina. Barbeque sauce is vinegar-based, period; although in pockets of the Carolinas, mustard-based sauce has popped up from time to time. Anyone in those states who acknowledges tomato-based sauce is a damned carpetbagger. (Said the Georgian whose grandmother’s bridge partner was Victor Jory!)

HE IS TEXAS-INFLUENCED, BUT IS NOT A TEXAN: Yes, Texans believe that the only way to season barbeque is by rubbing (which the artist clearly did), but the only permissible seasonings are dry-rubs and wood smoke. Using sauce at any time pegs you as a (non-Texan) furriner (if’n you cook with it) or as insulting your host’s cooking (if’n you put it on while you’re eatin’ it).

HE IS NOT A YANKEE OR A CALIFORNIAN: What did he make a painting of? A buck! ‘Nuff said.


THIS DUDE IS EITHER FROM TENNESSEE OR KENTUCKY!!! Okay, maybe Arkansas, but I doubt it.

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