(Copied from “Who IS this ‘Cat O’ Nine Tales’?” originally posted 03/02/2008 )

Welcome to my blog! I’m not just a crazy cat lady, but a person of many interests and, as always, the lover of a good story (as I hope my title implies)! As time goes by and I continue to post, you will learn more about me (my friends from the chat room probably know too much about me already, but that is a Tale for another day).

While yes, my friends, it is a free Internet out there (except for the $500+ for the computer, the $19.95/month for the internet connection, the ungodly monthly sacrifices to the electric company…well, you get the idea), please keep in mind that this is MY little corner of cyberspace–MINE! Therefore, I make the rules. I am the Princepa, the Imperatrix, and the Basilea. Alea jacta est.

Still my rules are those any one who lives in what pretends to be a civilized society should already know well:

  1. KEEP IT CLEAN! This is paramount. You may disagree with me until Armageddon, and I will welcome an erudite verbal sparring, but PLEASE use the modicum of intelligence and good sense it takes to refrain from using vulgarities! Yes, I will use a few PG-13 words from time to time, but using the F-word is the quickest way to get banned from here that exists. I won’t abide it or tolerate it. If you want to show off the latest vulgarity you learned, go somewhere else.
  2. DON’T FLAME THE POSTERS! By all means, if you disagree with a poster, express your disagreement, just do it in a civilized manner. Keep in mind Ambrose Bierce’s definition of diplomacy: “…telling someone to ‘go to Hell’ in such a manner that he actually looks forward to the trip.” I appreciate quality of words over quantity. (My chat room friends are ROFL at this point!)
  3. THE GOLDEN RULE ROCKS! In case you are not familiar with Matthew 7:12, let me sum it up for you: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” I’m just doing the drill sergeant bit here while I’m setting up my house rules. This is my house and my rules. In your house, I will respect and obey your rules. I promise.

I think that pretty much sets the ground rules. Now let’s have some fun!

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