I Got Tagged?

Jennifer, my conservative comadre, fellow Knave of the Round Table, apparently identified me to play a little cyber-game and didn’t tell me.  OK, so for some unknown reason, her responses to my posts evaporate into the ether (and for the love of Mike, I don’t know why), and I haven’t been available for much of the email erudition the last couple of days, but she coulda told me instead of having me find out by accident!

So, apparently, I have to stop, introduce the game by linking to the perpetrator (see link above), list seven weird and wacky facts about myself, then “share the wealth” by nominating another seven–and my top two were already taken, thanks a lot.  😦

Anyway, here goes:

  1. My two grandmothers were both redheads and had almost identical names.  Mattie Lou (my father’s mother) was a carrot-top; Mattie Louise (my mother’s mother) had auburn hair.  Neither used the name “Mattie”–they were “Lucy” and “Louise,” respectively.
  2. I have two sons and a daughter.  My mother has two sons and a daughter.  Her mother had two sons and a daughter, as did her mother before her.  In other words, there haven’t been a pair of sisters on the distaff side of my family for four generations now.  I don’t know any farther back than that.
  3. Remember the song “Tom Dooley,” made popular by the Kingston Trio?  That true story was actually about a convicted murderer named Tom Dula, whose aunt Judith was my great-great-great grandmother.
  4. My great-grandfather, Thomas David Hall, was one of only three men of Co. C, 26th North Carolina Regiment to survive Pickett’s Charge.
  5. I can trace my lineage to three Scottish immigrants who arrived in the American Colonies ca. 1730.  My husband is a first-generation American, born in California to LEGAL immigrants from Mexico.  That means my children are just about the only second-generation Americans who are also card-carrying members of the CAR (Children of the American Revolution).
  6. I have family (either by blood or marriage) who were in every American military conflict except the Spanish-American War, WWI, and the current War on Terror.  One of my husband’s ancestors was a general in service to Benito Juarez who witnessed the capture and execution of the Mexican Emperor Maximilian at Queretaro.
  7. I love dogs–as long as they aren’t mine.  With cats, you can clean the litter box, fill the food and water dish, take off for the weekend, and when you return, they’ll look up and say “Oh, you were gone?”  If I tried doing that with a dog, I wouldn’t be able to set foot in my place until the HazMat people were done.

Now I have to tag seven other lucky schmucks.  As said before, my top two are tagged already, and I have a dearth of other victims eligible nominees, so I’m raiding the list of My Friends’ Blogs for this one.

  1. Lucy Belle:  This should be interesting; Lucy Belle’s a cat!
  2. Betty:  I wrote a great poem about her furbabies.  Maybe she’ll be sympathetic.
  3. Cato:  Another cat, but this one’s running for President!  Seriously!
  4. Buttercup:  “Mawwaige.  Mawwaige is what bwings us togewthew today.”
  5. Sybil Baggins:  I’m spreading the wealth all the way “across the pond”!
  6. Willow and
  7. Wicket: Hey, is it MY fault they blog together????

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