Open Mouth, Switch Feet

My friend Jen sent me this amazing excerpt from a nationally syndicated radio show (whom I won’t identify here because, if I had known the source before I heard it, I would not have listened, and it is WORTH the listen, believe me).

A “man on the street” reporter in NYC goes into Harlem and asks passers-by for whom they intend to vote on November 4.  Of course, to a man, the interviewees answer “Obama.”  They are then asked why they won’t vote for McCain.  Each makes a claim not to like McCain’s stated policies, or something to that effect.

Then the reporter asks the interviewees which policy statements made by Obama is more convincing to them.  Just one thing–every policy stance the reporter mentions is actually a McCAIN issue!  Guess what–every single interviewee embraced the McCain side every time, including the selection of Sarah Palin as the VP nominee!  You have got to hear this to believe it!

Man on the Street in Harlem

Tell me again how this election is about the selection of a president based on an informed electorate????  Or rather, the real lesson learned is this pearl of wisdom:

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

Mind you, this could have happened in just about any liberal stronghold.  This reporter merely happened to choose Harlem, probably for a combination of proximity and liberal saturation.  I’d be willing to bet that if said reporter headed into any number of “blue state” strongholds, he’d get a similar result.  I’m also not saying that all liberals are political Neanderthals–it’s just that it seems that the number of liberals who became so due to independent thought and not by absorbing regurgitated party lines are few and far between.  Tip O’Neill was one.  Lanny Davis is another.

Just for once, though, I’d like to have an intelligent conversation with a liberal about policy that didn’t result in shouting and name-calling on the part of the liberal as soon as I reveal that I don’t agree with liberal thinking.  I’ve tried, most recently on a “networking site for professional women” that had no room for women who think independently of the feminist line.  What a disappointment.  And they have the unmitigated gall to call us Stepford wives?!?  Go figure.

1 Response to “Open Mouth, Switch Feet”

  1. 1 Instinct October 14, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    I have yet to have a debate with a liberal that didn’t result in either them shaking their head and walking away from the discussion over a question I would pose or with them shouting at me.

    It seems today’s modern liberal is incapable of logical, deductive reasoning so instead they have to try and destroy anything they don’t understand or agree with.

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