I Don’t Know What to Think…

I was minding my own business, surfing YouTube last night, when I stumbled upon this most interesting clip from a most unlikely source. It originated on al-Jazeera and is translated by their puppet Babel fish, MemriTV. It is a clip of a speech make by Muammar Gaddafi, emasculated dictator of Libya. Buried within the turds of anti-American and -Israeli rhetoric is a most interesting diatribe on Barack Obama. See for yourself.  Then ask yourself why this isn’t raising questions in the American media.  Their silence is deafening.

Which leads me to a bit of a conundrum–what happens when what you’ve suspected all along is confirmed–by someone you know to be the most vile, depraved lunatic on the planet who has never before spoken a single credible word ?

For those of you not politically aware in the time period of roughly the mid-1970’s to the mid-1980’s, at that time, Muammar Gaddafi was Public Enemy #2 (#1 being, of course, the USSR) and was considered to be at times even more dangerous than the Soviets because he was such a loose cannon. In May 1986, President Ronald Reagan had had enough with Gaddafi’s threats and sabre-rattling and ordered Gaddafi’s home bombed in an effort to hold a 2000-lb. laser-guided recall election. Sadly, we didn’t get Gaddafi, only his daughter. Still, he seemed to get the message–he has behaved comparatively much better in the years since, although I will never trust him half as far as I can throw him.

We had so little accurate intel on the dude that we didn’t even know how to spell his last name using our alphabet until he decided to write a Minnesota girl a letter in 1986. Saturday Night Live made a hilarious sketch on the speculation re: the correct spelling of Gaddafi’s last name–my favorite, too, was “Kadaffy Duck.” It’s too bad no one’s posted that on YouTube!

Anyway, back to the Obama connection. This isn’t a Black thing (or African-American, or Person of Color thing–I have friends who separately insist that each one of those is the correct way to say it, to the exclusion of the other two. They are in the minority–most of my friends and acquaintances of Sub-Saharan African origin don’t really seem to care which you use). If Condi Rice had run, I’d have been first in line to volunteer to do grunt work on her campaign. Ditto for JC Watts, whom I have had the distinct privilege to hear speak. A few years ago, an African-American student of mine told me he wanted to be President one day. More power to him, and if he follows through, I’ll be there for him, just because he has always been strong enough to be smart when being smart wasn’t “cool,” and smart enough to be strong when his little brother only cared about being “cool.”

Bottom line about Obama is that his history has more holes than Swiss cheese. He refuses to release his birth certificate, or even allow it to be seen. His citizenship is not in question; as the biological child of one American citizen, he is a native-born American regardless of where he was born. Still, what have you to hide, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.?

I find it most interesting that there is no refutation of Gaddafi’s claim that you studied in an Islamic school in Indonesia. 200 million other Americans would give their right arm to be able to say “In your face!” to Gaddafi–why aren’t you doing it when the opportunity is handed to you as an engraved invitation on a silver platter?

How could you attend a church for 20 years, listening to the same pastor preach the same message of racist hate week after week (MLK must be spinning in his grave over the way his message has been adulterated) by the very man you claim led you to Christ, and then say you didn’t know he felt that way??? Looking at men from the inside was good enough for MLK. It is good enough for Almighty God Himself. Why isn’t it good enough for Jeremiah Wright, and why don’t you care that it isn’t?

When you say you want “change,” have you given any in-depth thought as to what that change should be and how you are going to accomplish it, while keeping our country strong? To me, your statements seem to say you want “change for change’s sake.” Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of stuff in this country that badly needs fixing. What scares me more though, is throwing the baby out with the bath water, all in the name of “change.” You seem to have forgotten the tub is still occupied, and you are swinging at the open window and at the count of two.

Above all, why, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., can’t I shake the intense impression that you are a “sleeper.” Again, for the benefit of my esteemed readers who weren’t politically aware during the Cold War, sleepers are undercover spies who are sent to an area and ordered to blend in. That’s all. No contacts, no intel gathering, nothing. That is, until he is activated.

That’s what makes a sleeper so dangerous–he lives a bland, ordinary life until he acts, usually inflicting great, unforseen damage. Kim Philby was a sleeper for the Soviets, having risen to the upper levels of MI6 and acting as liasion to the new CIA–therefore having access to the secrets of TWO countries–before the heat got too great and he defected. The Scientologists used both overt and sleeper tactics over a 20-year period to infiltrate the Internal Revenue Service in order to obtain the 501(c)3 status that they had long coveted.

Obama’s squirreliness and evasiveness regarding everything in his life from his birth certificate, to his education, to his relationship with his father, to his racist attitude toward his maternal grandmother who helped raise him, to his religion(s), to his experience (or lack thereof) give me pause. When a person works so hard to hide the little things that don’t matter, what am I supposed to think about this person when it comes to the big things that DO matter? When food in the fridge stinks, you throw it out. When the words coming from a candidate’s mouth stink, you either find someone else you can support or at least find a “lesser evil.” In this case, there are at least two “lesser evils” out there. Pick one.

There are more things about Obama that give me pause, but he’s not the only one. A lot about McCain makes me less than confident about the 2008 elections as well. Those details; my thoughts on Ron Paul; and why, much as I have liked and respected Bob Barr throughout his political career, I will not vote for him in November are Tales for Another Day. I promise that sometime between now and November, I will address them. Today, though, it’s Obama’s turn.

I leave you with this video clip for a fantastic miniseries the BBC produced in the early 90’s and exported later to PBS. It is a humorous chronicle of two forgotten Soviet sleepers in Britain who are suddenly remembered, to the consternation of all. Be sure to read the sidebar on the YouTube page for additional info.

I firmly believe that Barack Obama is a sleeper, but not at all a funny one, nor a forgotten one. I pray that I am wrong, but I don’t think I am. Time will tell.

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